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Magical Maze 3D

Brain Games

Play our fun labyrinth game for all ages . The game is simple, take advantage of your intelligence to bring the ball from the entrance to the exit. You'll need all your wits to not get stuck and cross the obstacles as quickly as possible to face the Edujoy magical maze.Do it as quickly as you can. Memorize the labyrinth points where you have passed and make the right decisions to succeed and win the maze.
Each labyrinth is different, so it is a constant challenge. In addition to coordination, you must use your ability to memorize and your sense of direction. The game is perfect for all ages to learn concepts such as orientation and space.
Find the way. Move around the maze until you find the exit.Main characteristics of the labyrinth:
- It helps to improve your memory as you have to recognize those places where you've gone.- Suitable for all ages. A fun game for adults and young people.- Easy to understand. No need to explain how you play. You will understand it right away!- Use your phone to tilt your ball through different mazes full of traps and tricks.- Avoid challenging traps around every corner.- Hundreds of different themed mazes await you.
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